2017 – OPALCO Project – Offshore recovery of existing power cable and install of new replacement power cable from San Juan Island to Lopez Island – Washington

  • Designed and fabricated power cable laying equipment
  • Mobilize 8 point mooring system – 274’ lay barge
  •  provided barge operating crew and rigging services in Seattle Washington

2016 – Arctic Fiber Phase 2 –  Offshore fiber optic HDD drill outs in Barrow Point Hope, Alaska

  •  Selected equipment
  •  Rigged 274 x 74 barge with 4 point anchor system in Seattle Washington
  •  provided barge equipment and crew in the Bering, Chukchi, Beaufort Sea

 2015 – 2016 – Anchor Winch Design and Fabrication

  • Remanufactured two Manitowoc 390 three drum waterfall winches to new condition
  •  designed and fabricated control tower

2015 – Arctic Fiber Project Phase 1 – Offshore fiber optic drill outs in Nome, Kotzebue, Wainwright, Alaska

  • Selected equipment
  • Rigged barge with 4 point anchor system in Seattle, Washington
  • Provided barge equipment and operating crew in the Bering and Chukchi Sea

2013 – Shell Burger Prospect Cofferdam Project

  • Design and build subsea dive cofferdam

2012 – Ivan River Tyonek Project – Offshore load and transport 15,000 tons of non-hazardous drill waste from Tyonek Alaska to Boardman Oregon

  • Developed equipment needs to operate in Cook Inlet Anchorage Alaska
  • Designed mooring systems for tandem anchored barges
  • Rigged barges for load out
  • Directed barge anchoring
  • Provided barge equipment and operating crew

2011 – Cordova Telephone Project – Offshore fiber optic cable lay in Prince William Sound Alaska

  • Provided tugs, barge, and equipment for 103 mile fiber optic cable lay from Cordova Alaska to Valdez Alaska

2005 – M/V Casitas Project – Remove 145’ research vessel M/V Casitas from Pearl & Hermes Reef approximately 85 nautical miles east of Midway island

  • Salvage Maser: 4 tugs @ 1,300 HP to 3,000 HP; 240’ x 60’ pulling barge with 4 RB-97 Skagit winches and one Amcon single drum at 250,000 line pull; 6 x 34,000 lbs Danforth anchors

1997 – Transport, assemble, and install 3.67 meter AEOS telescope from Vancouver Washington to Maui Space Surveillance site stop Mt. Haleakala – elevation 10,023 ft.

  • Received, consolidated, loaded/lashed equipment
  • Provided ocean transportation including cran TC 1200 Demag at 307 ton cap
  • Overland transportation to site
  • Provided crane and rigging services to assemble telescope and install into dome

1995 – Move (4) 375 ton primary transformers from Satsop nuclear Power Plant (Monsanto Washington) to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (San Luis Obispo California)

  • Managed/Supervised barge slip preparation, loadout and securement of cargo
  • Set up barge with 4 point anchoring system
  • Managed and supervised anchor system layouts, piloting into intake basin, mooring of barge, setting of ramps, and offloading of transformers

1993 – Transport 3,500 tons of construction material and equipment from Honolulu Hawaii to Wake Island, Western Pacific

  • Received, loaded, and lashed equipment
  • Provided transport services, including lightering of 500 tons offshore
  • Draft limitation 10’, entrance channel at 70’ wide by 10’ deep