Industrial Bridges


• Custom designed to fit your application. Designed for over-the-road transport as legal loads.
• Sizes: Up to 60' in length with roadway capacities of 20 tons to 200 tons.
• Variety of stock designs: 50 to 200-ton.

Fabricated to your specifications or contact us regarding short or long term rental.
Sause Marine can deliver and set-up at your site.


  • Marine Roll-on-Roll-off Cargo
  • Forestry/Logging - Stream Crossing, etc.
  • Heavy Transport - Jump Bridges
  • Temporary Construction Site Operations
  • Designed to carry 134,000 lbs. lift truck carrying max. 105,000 lbs rolling load 40’ ,50’ & 60’ spans.
  • The 50’ model is  designed in two truckable pieces at  49000 lbs. each.
  • Each half is 10 ‘ 6” wide by 53’ feet long providing a 20’ clear roadway when in place.
  • Sections can be spread to width as required. Design load is not dependent upon the two sides being married .
  • Ends can be customized to clients requirements.




assembled units. Individual pieces vary in width from 6' to 10' on units without side frames and 6' 4" to 10' 6" with integral side frames. All listed models are designed as truckable loads.
Standard deck utilize 5/8" square tread bars on 6" centers. Tread bars are laid out as a chevron pattern in order to reduce travel shock on tires or machine treads.
Units can be ordered with optional heavy grit nonskid surface or expanded metal decking.
Model numbers ending in a "3" indicate three piece units which incorporate additional wedge type approach sections that attach and are capable of rotation to allow for up or down grade variations.
All models pin together with a simple drop in double pin assembly much like a large staple.